San Diego Property Management Vendors
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Care to partner with us?

PURE Property Management is on the lookout for talented, licensed/insured, and experienced vendors with a passion for working hard, customer service and taking exceptional care of properties.

Our goal is to take property management to a new level for our clients in San Diego and we’re seeking partners to join our Preferred Vendor Program. Program participants will work together to provide home maintenance such as gardening and landscaping, pool and spa, painting, cleaning, and repair services.

For consideration to be added to our Preferred Vendor Program you must agree to provide us with your best wholesale/contractor level pricing for service rendered and invoice us based on such pricing on N/30 terms.

The following paperwork is also required (paperwork in bold are downloadable documents):

Submit a brief email or letter of introduction along with your vendor documentation package to: Once the documentation has been reviewed and approved, we will notify you of acceptance to our Preferred Vendor Program.

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