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In addition to our Long-term/unfurnished rental program, PURE Property Management is committed to providing the management and booking services for San Diego property owners seeking to maximize their investment income through short-term or seasonal rentals of their furnished rental property.

Taking multiple bookings and dealing with the renters coming and going can be a stressful undertaking when you manage San Diego vacation rentals. Leave the details to us! We take and process professional quality photos to show off the top features and amenities of your San Diego vacation rental property.

We partner with syndication partners to post your San Diego vacation rentals to numerous vacation rental websites and social media platforms such as VRBO, Homeaway, AirBnB, Flipkey, and Tripadvisor, and more!

When you partner with the team at PURE, your San Diego vacation rentals will be effectively managed, ensuring great vacations for your guests and great returns for you.

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Vacation/Seasonal Rental Services include:

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    Professional photography and virtual tour
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    Vacation/Seasonal rental listing with rates, availability calendar, and booking engine
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    Marketing and promotion of the property to many vacation rental websites
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    Immediate replies to all inquiries through a branded “autoresponder” and follow up calls
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    Screening all renters to assure their desires and profile fit the identified property
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    Rental agreement management (preparation of vacation rental agreements)
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    Rent and security deposit collection, credit card payments in advance of every stay
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    Assuring renters purchase “Damage Protection Insurance”
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    Check-in/Check-out procedures
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    Guest books on property details within each home
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    Answering questions and handling maintenance requests during renter stays (24/7 answering service and property manager availability)
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    Scheduling and overseeing any necessary maintenance
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    Housekeeping, maid service, and property inspections immediately following every rental stay (no charge for cleaning services to property owners)
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    Periodic property visits and maintenance checks during periods of vacancy
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    Payment of maintenance vendor bills
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    Payment of monthly items at request of owners (HOA, gardeners, pool service, etc.)
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    Owner statement and direct deposit by ACH processing to your bank account by the 10th day of the month
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    Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) reports and payments to city entities as required
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    Annual tax statements and 1099s

What does it cost to start with PURE?

The upfront work involved in listing a vacation rental is substantial, from taking professional photographs, setting rates, syndicating the listing to multiple vacation rental platforms (Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, etc.) and generating a renter’s guide with arrival instructions for finding, accessing, and utilizing the property during their stay. As such, a nominal $150 startup fee is charged to get the process going after a property management agreement is signed. The only other upfront charges would be if we are asked by an owner to manage home improvement projects to make their home “rent ready”.

What fees are charged by PURE?

Our short-term rental property management fees (furnished rentals) are 25% of net rent on each rental booking. 

We have built a list of preferred vendors in every trade imaginable. This means we have vetted and trusted vendors and subcontractors that provide fantastic service, top of the line quality, and pledge to offer best possible pricing for our owners. We charge a flat $25 per workorder incident for maintenance facilitation.

We are sometimes asked to do things for our clients which we consider to be outside of our property management scope of work. Examples might be searching for and finding an appraiser and meeting them at the home, on behalf of the owner, for the purposes of a refinance on the property.

While we are always pleased to assist when and where we are asked, we find it necessary to charge for our time to complete such out of scope services, billed at a rate of $50/hour.

What steps do you take to get my property rented?

This is an age of new online marketing tools and social media to promote properties. PURE leverages all methods through our exclusive 10-Point Marketing Program. 

We get your property marketed quickly through online rental platforms (Airbnb, HomeAway/VRBO, TripAdvisor, etc.), social media, signage if allowed, corporate networking, and other actions to fill open dates on the property calendar.

How do you manage rental rates for my property?

We use a yield management tool that sets and manages property rental rates based on a dynamic algorithm that tracks supply and demand for every night of the year, as well as comparable market factors particular to a home: special events, seasonality, day of the week, etc.

For instance, Mission Beach vacation rentals will command a different rate than vacation homes in other destinations in the San Diego area, based on the demand associated with Mission Beach in the summertime, while vacation rentals in closer proximity to the San Diego Zoo may command a higher rate when the weather isn't as hot and the beach is slightly less desirable.

As a homeowner, this means your rates may fluctuate more significantly for upcoming confirmed rentals. When you review your bookings, you may start to see reservations confirmed at rates that differ from those you may have seen in the past. 

Other factors that can influence your vacation home rent rate include whether you have features such as a pool, hot tub, easy beach access, and other popular vacation home amenities.

Rates for a given span in the future may also change day to day based on the algorithm powering the pricing tool. We set conservative minimum pricing rules for each home, so you will not see prices that fall drastically below what you have seen in the past. 

In fact, the tool tends to price higher than we would anticipate for some periods, especially during holidays and high demand local events.

How are linens, towels, and supplies handled at my property?

In order to meet the demands of same day departure/arrival, comply with bed bug laws, and standardize our cleaning turn process, PURE provides hotel quality linens, towels, and supplies for your San Diego property at no cost to you.

We accomplish this by adding a small surcharge/transaction fee to the rental charge to be paid by the renter on each booking. Utilizing our linens, towels, and supplies are a big cost savings for you since linens/towels have an average lifespan of about 6 months to a year in a typical rental property.

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